Welcome to Your London Engagement Shoot

London engagement photography of the couples shoes

Hi and congratulations on being selected for a free engagement shoot with me.  I’m really excited you filled out the questionnaire and you sound exactly like the kind of couple I’ll have fun shooting with.

The shoot will take approximately an hour or so and will be pretty laid back and informal – hopefully you’ll have fun doing it.  As promised, you’ll receive a a high res digital file of your choice from the shoot as a thank you.

So I can start making arrangements I’d be really grateful if you can just fill out this short form (yes I know…another questionnaire, but I promise it’ll be the last one!)


Thanks for filling this out.  I will get back to you shortly to make the final arrangements for the shoot.  On the day of the shoot itself I will most probably meet you for a coffee first (my treat) just to talk through the shoot and get to know you both a little first.

The focus (no pun intended!) is very much on having fun with it and I want you to enjoy it as much as possible!

Speak very soon!