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10 Great Tips for Wedding Toasts

As a wedding photographer I’ve seen and heard a lot of wedding toasts and speeches in my time. Some good, some bad and a few that were exceptional.  So I definitely think I’m pretty well placed to give a few tips and advice on how to deliver a great wedding toast.  I previously posted about when to do the wedding speeches, but here I’ll tell you more about wedding toasts and how to deliver them. History of Wedding Toasts It’s been argued that wedding toasts date all the way back to the 6th century BC. Glasses would be raised and clinked – causing the contents to spill into one another’s vessels, a reassurance that the drink wasn’t poisoned.  This is most probably what the phrase “good health” comes from. The wedding link would come from the old tradition of warring tribes and conflicts being ended by marriages between clans – and thus toasting was then a reassurance of peace on all sides. The term ‘toast’ itself was first coined by Shakespeare in the Merry Wives …

Meon Valley Marriott Hotel wedding photography of the Groom and wedding party laughing during the wedding speeches

Back In The Day: The Groom’s Speech

A random look back through my wedding photography archives It was a cold and wet October day at the Marriott Meon Valley Hotel, near Southampton, for Sam and Kevin’s small and intimate Hampshire wedding. Yet, despite the damp weather outside, there were laughs a plenty inside, as this image of Kevin delivering his Groom’s speech ably demonstrates. As a wedding photojournalist I love capturing these kind of real moments and genuine emotions of a wedding story. Are you getting married at the Meon Valley in Hampshire, or elsewhere, and like my natural storytelling approach to wedding photography? Then I’d love to hear all about your wedding plans. You can call me now on 07920 422144 or send me a mail via my Contact Page. I look forward to hearing from you.

One of the best Northamptonshire documentary wedding photographers captures a young boy playing during the wedding toasts and speeches at Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire

Why I Love This Image: The Boy Beneath The Table

A wedding is just a fun playground for kids! Kids are great at weddings, certainly from a wedding photojournalism perspective.  In many ways they epitomise everything that documentary wedding photography is: unposed, spontaneous and full of fun.  After all, it’s the real story of your wedding as it happens that I capture. Take this young boy, from Hollie and Dan’s Grendon Lakes wedding photography in Northamptonshire.  He doesn’t care about the wedding speeches or the toasts, no.  He’s far more interested in the table decorations that have fallen on the floor – they look far more fun and interesting! Of course, the fact that the bride and groom are enjoying the wedding speeches and are seemingly oblivious to a child’s world of fun and adventure going on beneath the head table makes the image even more amusing and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Having spotted this happening, I manoeuvred myself into a better position and waited for him to starting playing with the MR letters – after all, …

Meon Valley Marriott Hotel wedding photography of the Groom and wedding party laughing during the wedding speeches

When Should The Wedding Speeches Take Place?

When should we do the wedding speeches? As a wedding photographer one of the things I often notice that wedding couples often can’t decide upon is when to do the wedding speeches.  Then, of course, it’s also one of those things that some couples never really think about – not realising there are actually pros and cons on when to do the speeches. So here are my views and tips on when to have the wedding speeches during the wedding day – solely from myview as an experienced and professional wedding photographer. 1. Before the wedding breakfast. This is becoming increasingly popular. Undertaking the wedding speeches and toasts before anyone starts eating often means those who are doing the speeches can get them done and then enjoy the wedding breakfast without the nerves and apprehension of a speech to come. After all, you’ve put a lot of thought into the menu and paid a lot of money for it and this approach ensures everyone gets to enjoy it.  The downside of doing the speeches first …