Engagement/Pre-Wedding Shoot – Blog Questionnaire

London engagement photography of the couples shoes

Yes, I’d love to feature your engagement/pre-wedding shoot on my wedding blog and potentially get it featured on other wedding blogs/magazines.

To assist me with this and ensure I get details right for the article, it would be really appreciated if you could fill out as much information information below.  I’ll also send you a special little gift as a thank you for taking the time to do this.

By completing this form and submitting it you are giving me permission to share photos from the engagement shoot and the details included below to be used for features on wedding blogs and in wedding magazines for purely editorial and promotional puposes.  No personal details will ever be shared (such as surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) Thank you!

There is no guarantee your shoot will be featured, by external blogs/magazines but if it is, then I will contact you to let you know.

The Questionnaire

Colour pre-wedding photography of gay couple Arad and Brian, cuddling on a rocky outcrop in Battersea Park in London's Wandscworth. Pre-Wedding Photography East Molesey Pavillion Club

Thank you both so much. A special gift will be coming your way soon!

London engagement shoot of the couple cuddling beneath Waterloo Bride, on the Embankment, London. Taken by one of London's best wedding photographers, Darren Lehane.