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Wedding Photojournalism In Action

I’m delighted to post this short 5 minute video of me shooting a real wedding down at Highdown Vineyard earlier this summer

One of the best London wedding photographers shoots the bride and groom at Highdown Vineyard in West Sussex

The Perfect Photo or the Perfect Moment?

My wedding photojournalism approach is all about documenting your unique wedding story as it unfolds and happens spontaneously. I want to capture the real moments and genuine emotions of the day – it’s a natural, candid and storytelling approach in which I’m passionate about ensuring the integrity of the moment. However, I often get asked how I manage to capture those split second, fleeting little moments whilst ensuring my camera settings are right. After all, cameras are often very technical and complicated tools and in order to get the perfect photo you have to take into account so many factors, such as apertures, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO numbers and the like. Well, the honest answer is I don’t worry too much about getting the perfect photo.  My focus is on capturing the perfect moment. That’s the holy grail of wedding photojournalism.  Real moments you can’t fake.  Yes, you could try and stage or pose them but they never look real, never appear the same or as natural as a genuine moment occurring. So imagine …

Ashridge House wedding photography of a bridesmaid crying as she sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

The Art of Wedding Storytelling

I’m not just a wedding photographer – I’m a wedding storyteller As a wedding photojournalist I speak a lot about capturing your wedding story.  For me it’s the very heart of wedding photojournalism. I’m there to document and re-tell the narrative of your wedding day as it really happened.  That’s the key difference between a wedding photojournalist, such as myself, and a more traditional wedding photographer who prefers to set up, pose and stage your wedding photography. Instead, as a wedding storyteller, I’m looking to capture and document the genuine moments and real emotions of your wedding day without dictating them.  I want you to look back, whether its in a few months, a few years or even decades away from now and remember the real story of your real wedding as it really happened – rather than remember the wedding photographer who made you and your guests do this and that to a tick list he or she uses at every wedding. Here are 3 reasons why I think a wedding storytelling approach is …

Capturing The Soul: The beauty of b&w

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

Wedding Photojournalist Association

Why I’m Proud To Be An Active Member of the WPJA Something I mention quite a lot is the fact that I am a qualifying and active member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little more about the WPJA and why it means a lot to me to be a member. What is the WPJA? As the WPJA explain themselves on their website: “Since 2002 the WPJA has been helping couples capture the story of their wedding. The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is a professional organization composed of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world. What sets our members apart in the industry is their candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography.  The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the world’s best wedding photography at your fingertips. We offer a new perspective on wedding photography – quietly capturing the real moments as they happen for the bride and groom. It is our goal to use photography to tell …

Brighton Holiday Inn wedding photography of bride and groom

Wedding Photojournalism: The Integrity of the Moment

The Wedding Photojournalism Approach As a wedding photojournalist I often talk about ensuring the integrity of the moment, but what do I actually mean by this?  What is the integrity of the moment?  For me, it’s the very thing that sets aside a wedding photojournalism approach from that of a more traditional wedding photography approach.  In essence, it’s the very reason you should be looking to book me as a wedding photojournalist.  But let me explain it in more detail. The Decisive Moment I’ve discussed what wedding photojournalism is elsewhere so don’t intend to go over that again, but you can follow the link if you’d like to start there first.  When talking about the integrity of the moment it might be helpful to start with another important philosophy of photojournalism and that is the decisive moment, a phrase first coined by the late, great French photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson. He considered the decisive moment was that split second, that fleeting moment when everything came together to create one magical moment within the frame of the …

What is wedding photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism is truth and your wedding photography is more emotive and beautiful as a result