hi, i’m darren, an award-winning london wedding photographer. yes, that’s me up there. as you can see, i definitely have a face for the other side of a camera lens.

anyway, this is where i’m meant to tell you all about me. waffle on about how great i am. or how wonderful i am. you know, like how i help old ladies cross the road or rescue kittens from trees.

but that all goes without saying right?

i’m certainly not your traditional kind of wedding photographer. but that’s fine, because you’re not looking for that, right?

you don’t want all the usual wedding industry norms and cliches. you’re already bored of looking through wedding blogs of waif-like brides who have just dropped out of a czech fairy tale. or a million pastel shades of floral table pieces.

that’s all very nice and all that, but

you have no interest in being told this is how a wedding is meant to be. or this is how your parents did it. or it’s how your friends expect a wedding to be.

you want something different. something that reflects the real story of your wedding day – not a stylised faked version of it you don’t just don’t recognise as yours.

and that’s where i come in.

my passion is and always has been candid street photography and purist photojournalism. so i bring both that passion and approach to weddings. i document things how they really are. how they actually happen.

i don’t want to direct you or bark instructions at your guests. i want your genuine wedding story.

so i go about capturing the real moments and raw emotions in a quiet, relaxed and discreet manner.

so that means if a bridesmaid has too many sherberts and ends up snogging the best man in a corner, i’m there to capture it. if your partner starts sobbing uncontrollably into a frenzy of tissues i’ve got it covered along with all the key moments of the day.

i’m not on the outside looking in. i’m right there at the centre of your wedding. inside the moments. documenting the stories you may not even see on the day.

so who the hell i am?

let’s face it i’m going to spend most of your wedding day with you. so it helps if we both get along. so, hi, i’m darren. i live in penthouse in south london (ok, a top floor apartment) with my partner of 9 years and a small ‘shorkie’ dog, called buddy.

i’ve been a photographer for as long as i can recall. i remember picking up my nan’s instamatic camera as a young boy and being fascinated by it. i shot hundreds of photos on that camera, but wisely my nan had made sure there was never any film in it.

it’s all just rock n roll

then in my teen’s – having realised i’d never become a pop star, i decided photography was the next rock n roll thing i could do.

at the same time the stars aligned. my mum won an slr camera and with no need for it, gave it to me.  and, as they say, history was made.

it’s not just a passion, it’s a lifetime’s obsession

for many years i’ve been a freelance photojournalist providing work for a number of agencies over the years. for the last decade i’ve been supplying work to getty images and my work has been licensed all around the world.

my personal candid street photography work has won numerous awards and exhibited both in london and los angeles. in 2017 i was thrilled to be chosen as a winning finalist in the pdn street photography competition, as personally selected by colin westerbeck.

weddings encompass it all for me

i’ve been shooting weddings since 2012. in that time i’m delighted to have become a qualifying member of the wedding photojournalist agency (wpja) and won multiple wedding photography awards.

and 5 things about me not immediately obvious

  1. i once appeared on a tv quiz show…and won.
  2. i write screenplays and enter competitions with them
  3. my all-time favourite film is the classic film noir, ‘the third man’
  4. i love music and have recently really gotten into jazz
  5. i’ve never climbed a tree to rescue a kitten (but i have helped old ladies across the road!)

need to know a bit more?

here i am in action at a real wedding in brighton in 2016.

so you love my work and think i’d be a good fit for your wedding? then go ahead and get in touch.

contact me