About Me

“Not Just A Good Wedding Photographer, But a Pretty Good Footballer Too!”

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News Presenter & Journalist (2018)

So there I was. It was that wedding downtime period between the main meal and the evening reception starting.  I was outside the marquee, taking some candid shots of some kids playing football.

Suddenly the ball came flying towards me and in one fluid movement I trapped it with my right football and sent an inch perfect pass back with my left that even Lionel Messi would have been pleased with,

Behind me someone says, “So, not just a good wedding photographer, but a good footballer too!”

Turning round it was the Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow, who was a guest at that wedding.  I replied, “I’m having that as a testimonial for my website, Jon.”

No idea why I’m telling you that little story now, but it seemed as good a way to start that about me page as any other. (For the record, I’m not really that great at football, I just got lucky.  But I think Mr Snow was pretty spot on with the rest of it!)

It’s Meant To Be All About Me!

So yes, that bit on my website where I’m meant to tell you all about me and convince you how much you’ll love having me around on your wedding.  But hopefully by now you’re starting to realise I’m not one for doing cheesy cliches or what’s expected.

So I’m not going to tell you how I help old ladies across the road. Or post cute photos of me with my dog. Or say how I go trekking across the Sahara on my holidays.

But as you can clearly see from the photos of me, I do have the perfect face to be the business side of a camera.  GQ Magazine have certainly never come calling to do a modelling session! Which is actually good, as I do hate being in front of the camera…so I do understand why you may feel uncomfortable being that side of the lens.

Here I Am In Action At A Real Wedding

I could waffle on forever about me, my interests, all the things we may have in common.  Instead, here’s a video of me in action at a real wedding.

Want To Find Out More About Me?

I won’t bore you here with lots more stuff about me.  You may have already decided that I’m not the wedding photographer for you (it’s OK, I have helped old ladies across the road on occasion, promise!) which is fine. I much prefer a city break to a beach break – not that there’s anything wrong with a beach break.

However, if you want to find out more about me, click the links below to go deeper with me!

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