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It’s My Life: It’s A Wonderful Life

Portrait of Black Singer Colin Vearncombe

I was very saddened to learn of the untimely death of singer Colin Vearncombe, the voice of Black, yesterday in Ireland.

The cover of the Wonderful Life album by BlackNot only were his tracks Wonderful Life and Sweetest Smile big favourites of mine (yes, I’m old enough to have enjoyed them at the time) but both the black & white cover artwork of his 1987 debut album, also called Wonderful Life, and the imagery from the accompanying Wonderful Life video really had a major influence on me at a time I was just starting to pick up a camera and learn my craft.

I’ve spoken before of how both the photography and videography of Anton Corbijn were the main reasons I turned to photography in the first place.  The Wonderful Life video definitely is similar to the kind of videos Anton Corbijn was making for Depeche Mode around the same time. Directed by Gerard De Thame there’s a lot of great “photography” in the Wonderful Life video (watch it below) and I can definitely see the lasting influence in my black & white work today.

It’s so very sad that a number of my music heroes have passed away recently. So a note to 2016, can you stop it now please!

RIP Colin. It most definitely was a Wonderful Life!

My It’s My Life: Personal Stories are posts more about my life in general and hopefully give you more of an idea about me as an individual…rather than just a wedding photographer.

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