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Wedding Reportage Collection

Crockwell Farm wedding photography of bride and groom having their first kiss during the wedding ceremony

My Wedding Reportage photography collection is for those couples who want a completely and puristic wedding photojournalism approach to their wedding day with just a few portraits of themselves. That means wedding photography that is natural, candid and unobtrusive in capturing the real moments, genuine emotions and unstaged events that make up the mast authentic of wedding stories.

Rowton Castle wedding photography of bride shedding a tear during the speeches .

So why would a couple want a wedding photography package that doesn’t include the traditional portraits? For starters it does mean every photo will document something that actually happened on your special day – rather than being a staged or faked moment. When you look back at your wedding story, be it weeks or years later, you will have memories that are real rather than think, “oh yes, remember when Darren made us do this or set up that.”  The wedding reportage collection is completely your wedding story and no one elses. It gives you wedding photography to remember rather than memories of me the wedding photographer!

Wedding photojournalism at South Lodge hotel in Horsham, West Sussex

The other main reason is that quite often your wedding guests don’t enjoy all the time taken to set up group portraits. A lot of the time people look uncomfortable in them.  Therefore, the beauty of the Wedding Reportage package is you get wedding photography of your guests looking far more natural and as they genuinely were on your wedding day – often without realising they were being photographed at the time. This really is the strength of wedding reportage photography. As one bride once memorable said, “have a wedding photojournalist is like having a war photographer capture your wedding day.” Real moments. Real emotions. Real story.

Old Ship Inn Brighton wedding photography of a guest pulling faces, during the wedding ceremony, to entertain the flower girl

Of course, if you would prefer some posed portraits being included in your wedding photography package, then definitely check out my Wedding Storyteller or Wedding Photojournalist collections, as these both include more!

So, what do you actually get with the Wedding Reportage collection? Like all my wedding photography packages I will cover the whole day from the wedding preparations in the morning, the ceremony itself, the speeches and toasts and up to an hour or so after the first dance during the evening wedding reception. I capture all those must have moments, like the bride getting into her dress, the exchanging of rings, the first kiss, etc, etc. As you’d imagine of reportage photography, the whole wedding story is captured and fully documented. Most of the timeyou will forget I am there!

Meon Valley Marriott Hotel wedding photography of the Groom and wedding party laughing during the wedding speeches

Afterwards, you will receive a minimum of 500 high resolution edited images on discs within 21 days of your wedding day. These will be a mix of colour and black and white images. Of course, a lot of people do associate b&w photography with wedding photojournalism or reportage photography, but if you prefer more of one than the other, then I am delighted to oblige. After all, it’s your wedding day and your wedding story!

Holiday Inn Brighton wedding photography of a thoughtful bride during the wedding morning bridal preparations

If you would wish to tailor your Wedding Reportage collection further, to cater for you specific individual requirements, then I do have a number of optional add-on’s that you can include in your package. These include a pre-wedding portrait shoot, a second wedding photographer to cover additional preparations and give a wide coverage of the day or a number of different wedding storybooks. For more details of these add-on’s and the latest price for my Wedding Reportage package, please check out the Collections & Prices page.


So if you are getting married and would love a completely pure wedding photojournalism approach to your wedding that captures the real story and real memories of your special day then the Wedding Reportage collection is for you.  So give me a call on 07920 422144 or leave a message here and we can discuss you wedding plans in more detail and how my Wedding Reportage package will deliver you the most natural and genuine wedding story!

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